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Dec 10, 2019
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20 uses a Staff system with specific functions and tasks to run the day to day operations of the site.

In this topic you will learn what each rank does and their main functions on the site.

Administrator: Administrators are the highest ranking staff members of DZ, any decision they make is final and are also responsible for the technical part of the site: The Hosting, Security, Coding, Management, Design, and Technical assistance of the whole site.

List of Admins:

@Aihana Kiyumi - Host Provider and Head Administrator of and

@Kaizen - Founder of

@Kino Snyder - Lead Developer of DZ.

Super Moderator: Super Mods are the highest ranking Non-Administrative staff members of DZ. Some may be in charge of providing specific content to DZ, but hold other responsibilities such as, Moderating The Entire site and Discord Chat, Ensuring members are posting in correct areas, following rules and guidelines, as well as supervising and assisting Moderators.

List of Super Mods:

@Rita Lizumi - Head Moderator of DZ

@Naruha Sakuragi - "Minister of Lolicon Content" and VIP Accounts Manager

@Projekt Melody - Social Media Manager

@Yakumaru Itsuki - Provider of Hentai Doujin Content, Exclusively in COLOR and General Accounts Manager

Moderator: Mods in DZ are in charge of providing content to DZ. They also have the power Moderate and Suspend users as well as enforce rules or guidelines, however their main task consist mainly of producing content and helping members with anything.

List of Mods:

@Erin Laxus - Provider of Shota Doujin Content

@Gou - Provider of all Hentai Video Content

@Sayaka Kanzaki - Provider of all Yuri Doujin Content

@Yuna Yuki - Provider of all Futanari Doujin Content

This Topic is always revised and kept up-to-date.
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