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  1. Hi there. I'm Gloria, recently crowned Champion of the Galar Region! Hope to have a great time here!
  2. Ello’ my name is Alice but you can call me magic girl! I have a nsfw twitter and I am very friendly and loves to gives hugs. I hope we all become well acquainted and I can maybe make some friends off of here.
  3. Hi, I'm Nova. You will mostly find me playing the games on twitch or some of the time wasting time on Doujins. Here are some facts about me. 1. Loves dark anime (be it mystery, crime, horror, fantasy, it has to be dark with some evil motive lol) 2. Love maid and village and beach theme hentai 3. mostly listen to EDM, if it's melodic the better. 4. I like pizza and pineapple, and KFC 5. I play too much RPG and battle royale during weekends. I hope to have a good time here :)
  4. I'm Paulo and, ah... It will take quite a long time to explain how exactly I did get here, but for now let's just say I spawned on the DZ Discord server, lol Some facts about me - as it is in my profile description: - Adamant :cool: - Slightly Nearsighted o_O - Refuse to do anything silly or annoying just because it's good manners :rolleyes: - Picky anime fan with particular taste for short anime series ;) - Temporarily retired dungeon master. I used to DM some anime-based games back in the day in online chats. :D - Writer on my free time. Recently ventured myself on write some pokemon-based fanfiction. Never tried to write something in English, tho... :) And I also enjoy some good hen-tie, but let's just ignore that for now...
  5. So hi, I'm SpadesHiro or also better known as Spades. This is going to be awkward so let's jump straight to the details. A bit of background Not much about me, but most people will probably know me from Custom Maid discord server (with over 8k members worldwide) as I'm one of the admin there. I'm a car and bike nerd myself although I have shallow knowledge about them, but I sure like them, especially if you're trying to talk about simracing. What else, I do design from time to time, itasha, itansha, stickers, you name it. I do lots of design during my free time. I guess that's all I can tell, I won't be actively visiting DZ but I'll be sure to post some stuff related to any of my interest.
  6. I'm Dariana. I was invited by Ariya who is my classmate and best friend. I was part of ForosDZ before it went down. Sometime my english sucks so I'm sorry.
  7. Hello everyone my friends call me zor and i like long walks on the beach weebing out and just pullin gamer moves so thanks for havin me !
  8. Watch your panties ive been known for tealong them
  9. Hello everyone! It appears you have a new member just hopped in! Here's my introduction: Name: Hafizan Country Malaysia Age: 19 I just joined the community on August 7th. So yeah. Once again, I love gaming! I usually plays on PS4 and PC. Here's the game I play: PC: 1. For Honor (plus DLC) 2. Age of Empires III: Complete Edition 3. Minecraft (of course xD) 4. Farcry 4 5. AC Creed II 6. AC Creed III 7. AC Creed IV: Blackflag (plus DLC) 8. AC Creed Unity 9. AC Creed Origins 10. AC Creed Oddysey PS4: 1. Mafia III 2. Just Cause 3 3. Farcry 5 4. Horizon Zero Dawn 5. Watch Dogs 2 6. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare When I: Online: Idle, Lurking, Chatting Offline: Internet died/cutted, on vacation, Holiday (Plus my infomation. I really quite easy to get raged by insulting, trolling and annoying)
  10. Hello people ! You can call me Tak. I'm just a an half autistic weirdo. First I was looking for some porn, but I just felt the need of coming out of the shadows for once (most of the time I just lurk to avoid people). My interests are very versatile, but there are some constants, like video game addiction, acute obsession for lore, SCIENCE, and anything artistic. Pretty straightforward on paper, but not so much in reality. Hope for interresting encounters here. Feel free to engage interaction ! ^^ (I'm not gifted for this ^^' )
  11. Greetings, my name is Oskar. I am on discord and would like to get a blue name. I am English, shy and straight.
  12. Hi guys so I'm Raidex. I'm new to DZ and the Server. I wanted to make an intro here instead of the Server because it doesn't seem like people use this intro area much. If you got any questions feel free to ask!
  13. Well, i'm Pedro, i've been on DZ's discord for a while now, but i'm joining DZ on the website for the first time today. I'm Portuguese, i live in Portugal, i'm a pretty shy person... But once i get to know people online, you could expect the whole shy thing to change xd.. I'm usually a bit weird and may say a few weird stuff, but i don't mean it most times, just a way to joke around, so be ready for that if you want to meet me! I'm straight, and i preeeeetty much like gaming a lot. Feel free to ask me anything you want!! I'll answer any doubts or any curiosity you have about me!
  14. I figure id be the first to post since no one else is that's all
  15. I'm Llenn and I'm new here. It's nice to meet you all. I love everything so far so I bought VIP and I really am enjoying it! Great site and great people!
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