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Found 12 results

  1. Watch your panties ive been known for tealong them
  2. By uploading a ton of Hentai and some Files for you all to enjoy. More to come! Credits to @Llenn for inviting me
  3. Hello everyone! It appears you have a new member just hopped in! Here's my introduction: Name: Hafizan Country Malaysia Age: 19 I just joined the community on August 7th. So yeah. Once again, I love gaming! I usually plays on PS4 and PC. Here's the game I play: PC: 1. For Honor (plus DLC) 2. Age of Empires III: Complete Edition 3. Minecraft (of course xD) 4. Farcry 4 5. AC Creed II 6. AC Creed III 7. AC Creed IV: Blackflag (plus DLC) 8. AC Creed Unity 9. AC Creed Origins 10. AC Creed Oddysey PS4: 1. Mafia III 2. Just Cause 3 3. Farcry 5 4. Horizon Zero Dawn 5. Watch Dogs 2 6. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare When I: Online: Idle, Lurking, Chatting Offline: Internet died/cutted, on vacation, Holiday (Plus my infomation. I really quite easy to get raged by insulting, trolling and annoying)
  4. Hello people ! You can call me Tak. I'm just a an half autistic weirdo. First I was looking for some porn, but I just felt the need of coming out of the shadows for once (most of the time I just lurk to avoid people). My interests are very versatile, but there are some constants, like video game addiction, acute obsession for lore, SCIENCE, and anything artistic. Pretty straightforward on paper, but not so much in reality. Hope for interresting encounters here. Feel free to engage interaction ! ^^ (I'm not gifted for this ^^' )
  5. Greetings, my name is Oskar. I am on discord and would like to get a blue name. I am English, shy and straight.
  6. Hi guys so I'm Raidex. I'm new to DZ and the Server. I wanted to make an intro here instead of the Server because it doesn't seem like people use this intro area much. If you got any questions feel free to ask!
  7. Well, i'm Pedro, i've been on DZ's discord for a while now, but i'm joining DZ on the website for the first time today. I'm Portuguese, i live in Portugal, i'm a pretty shy person... But once i get to know people online, you could expect the whole shy thing to change xd.. I'm usually a bit weird and may say a few weird stuff, but i don't mean it most times, just a way to joke around, so be ready for that if you want to meet me! I'm straight, and i preeeeetty much like gaming a lot. Feel free to ask me anything you want!! I'll answer any doubts or any curiosity you have about me!
  8. I figure id be the first to post since no one else is that's all
  9. I'm Llenn and I'm new here. It's nice to meet you all. I love everything so far so I bought VIP and I really am enjoying it! Great site and great people!
  10. I'm Esper and I'm new here. I found this site on Discord.Me and decided to give it a shot. I love how you guys have it all set up. I'm a fan of anime and manga and this is my first forum in the last 2 years. hope to meet new people and have fun
  11. Hello, Few know my real name but I go by Arya Stark almost everywhere. I was a Developer for TheXzone.us now I'm the Developer for AniTech. I'm ostly in charge of the Discord Bot and Server Integration, so if you're ever having an issue with AniTech and Discord I'll try and solve it. In real life, I have a strong resemblance to Arya Stark in season 2 Game of Thrones and that's how I got my online name. I also have an Instagram page for it: ArryTheOrphan I think the only thing in common I have with Arya is that we're fighters. I'm really more into computers and want to be a full time Software Developer when I'm an Adult. I actually got a replica of Needle for my birthday 2 years ago.
  12. My name is Emery Reed. I'm a professional full time Designer and Web Developer. When I'm not doing that I'm a Senior Moderator in The-Xzone (or Super Moderator as it's called here)
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