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  1. hello! and i dunno if welcome is the right word maybe welcome back!, ill try to get on some more good stuff myself !
  2. Had to Shazam then Spotify your song. Love it 
    1. zorgad


      lol yeah this band i found on accident but after one song i think i listed to them for a week straight. glad you liked it

  3. hi nice to meet you , coincidentially i also did esl teaching for a while so if you need anything lemme know!
  4. hello! its nice to meet you! where abouts in Norway are you from?
  5. yeah thats awesome! shes def. my main squeeze lol
  6. kinda depends on what day you catch me on, i like most everything tho lol what can i say
  7. Hello everyone my friends call me zor and i like long walks on the beach weebing out and just pullin gamer moves so thanks for havin me !
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