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  1. due to the unfortunate closing of Hentai Haven, our Official Hentai Video feed is no more. We apologize for this. 
  2. I have 6,000 points. Giving 3,000 to the first 2 people who reply to this
    1. Ren Amamiya

      Ren Amamiya

      When no one has replied to this yet. Big oof

  3. Welcome back to DZ. BTW the color of your font goes so well with the site's theme. Help spread the word!
  4. Welcome to DZ. Hope you like it here
  5. Status updates should expand now in the sidebar and any media will be shown too. 
  6. First User to post since the site's been reactivated you mean lol. There's daily posts from the Yuri Feed and the Hentai feed. Plus Gallery uploads count as posts lol.
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