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Barack Obama

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  1. I miss kicking you.
  2. Our member amount to post ratio is much higher than DNF js
    1. Barack Obama
    2. Barack Obama

      Barack Obama

      Right. It's a joke. There's no point in comparing with DNF
    3. Reki Snyper

      Reki Snyper

      I leave the damn place and people come here to talk about it. ugh!
  3. Not really feeling FFDP's new album C:
  4. Toxicity.. in my city, in my cciiiiiityy
  5. @[URL="http://www.anitechgaming.com/index.php?/user/597-heatnation/"]HeatNation[/URL]
  6. How do I get 1 million bucks?
    1. Kino Snyder

      Kino Snyder

      We're testing the application so sure lol I'll give you that for now. It'll be set to 0 again when it launches
    2. Foolist


      can i have 888,888 in total?
  7. The Shiny Rayquaza I got was 4 IV ;o
    1. AnyObjectionsLady


      D: only 4? AND IT ISNT A MAGIKARP? that's 2 strikes against it bruh, so bad
  8. My face is really flushed today after me and alex O.O damn hes good
  9. Guy with user id 88 is banned smh
    1. Zephyros15
    2. Trinity


      what does a krok and a potato have in common?
    3. Barack Obama

      Barack Obama

      They both suck :DD
  10. Congrats on admin!
  11. Any Secretaries here looking for some fun with me and Bill Clinton? We promise to pay for the first meal and be gentleman.
    1. Miura Arai

      Miura Arai

      What kind of fun we talkin bout?
  12. Bleach goin for most fastest promotion to head I see. Still cant beat Chey
    1. Bleachisawesome


      /me has been promoted to head admin
    2. JerichoTheUnwise


      You jinxed it Krok.
    3. Barack Obama
  13. Hey guys, check out this forum! [URL="http://www.anitechforums.com/"]http://www.anitechforums.com/[/URL] I think you'll enjoy :) /emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" />
    1. cardgame1


      Worst forum ever.
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