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    Special Test

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    Imouto Twins 1

    Kokone was studying in her room one day when her twin sister, Izuru, returned home. Izuru immediately went to their elder brother's room and the two began to make love to each other. Being twins, Kokone and Izuru are able to share feelings of pain and pleasure. Thus, unable to resist the waves of pleasure, Kokone began fingering herself until both rooms simultaneously echoed with the twins' cries of orgasm. Annoyed at them, Kokone decides to steal their brother from Izuru.
  3. The amount of coincidences that happened in this video makes me believe the land lady joined in too at the end.
  4. Miku....what have they done to ya?
  5. After much wait, DZ finally has Discord integration again. This topic will show you how to connect your site account to Discord for new and existing members. New Members: You must first create an account. Once you are logged in you can proceed to the instructions below. Instructions: New and Old Members Step one: Go to Account Settings Step 2: Select Discord Step 3: Authorize Discord Step 4: You're done! And now go to Discord (on the Menu in the site navigation and you can join the server) All roles are added Automatically that match your roles on the site. For example if you are a VIP Member you will instantly get the role upon joining the server. If you are a Mod, Admin, etc the same thing applies.
  6. Dear Members, DZ has undergone a massive update to make our community even better. Site upgraded to IPS 4.4.3 Our site is running the latest IPS version after renewing our License. A Classic Theme Returns The Theme "Brave" was the original theme of AniTech Gaming. This theme has returned to DZ, updated for the latest IPS Version. this theme is also a favorite of our developer @Kino Snyder as such, she has a lot of experience with it. There are 4 Header backgrounds to choose from. 2 Space Style backgrounds chosen by Kino and 2 Yuri style backgrounds chosen by me. The Images were edited in Photoshop to meet theme requirements and the images also adapt to Mobile easily. You can change the theme header as shown in the photo: Gallery Overhaul Our Gallery has been modified to be the Default application of our site. This was impossible in XenForo. This was an idea inspired by our Moderator @rei Also nobody can view any content now unless they are logged in. Albums have been eliminated. Before we used to have our images in albums per user. We decided to eliminate this in all the Gallery Section. You can now upload directly to the Category. However, Albums are still required for the New Gallery Doujins Section and the VIP Exclusive Loli Area. We are not far away from 2,000 Images already. Thank you to all the people who upload consistently, especially @zmente VIP Rank Changes We have updated our VIP Areas and Rewards a bit. Sadly, our Automated payment system is down and this is beyond our control. So Manual Promotions will be handled by @Ariya Seyler Click Here to view the new VIP Page Staff Changes @Kinuhata Retires from the Administration Team in order to work full time on our Sister site: Academy City. @Ariya Seyler In addition to her Moderator tasks she is now Manager of VIP Members.
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    Yuri 7

    I love Idolmaster!
  8. 2 downloads

    Mobdro is an excellent TV streaming app, in which you can get pretty much all the channels in the world FOR FREE. The app does even more than that offering, 24/7 movie channels based on categories, 24/7 TV shows and of course all the TV channels that exist. You can use mirroring to display Mobdro on your TV if your TV is Roku or SMART You can also install the Mobdro app if you use Google Chrome cast. Downside: A lot of ad's so you should have blokada turned on and running before opening Mobdro. (You Cannot find this app in the Google Play Store as it is a Black Market app) (No Rooting Required)
  9. Version 3.6.0


    Blokada is an Android app meant for blocking all Ads on your phone, be it youtube, mobdro or any ads that may come up while you are using any type of app. Blokada also comes with a free VPN service for your phone which you can optionally choose to boot when you turn your phone on. I personally have used it and all ad's have been removed from any app I use. (You Cannot find this app in the Google Play Store as it is a Black Market app) (No Rooting Required)
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    This is a Browser I strongly recommend everyone using. It has a Media Grabber: any song playing or video that plays can automatically be downloaded to your PC It also has a built in torrent system that I strongly recommend.
  11. due to the unfortunate closing of Hentai Haven, our Official Hentai Video feed is no more. We apologize for this. 

  12. I have 6,000 points. Giving 3,000 to the first 2 people who reply to this

    1. Ren Amamiya

      Ren Amamiya

      When no one has replied to this yet. Big oof

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    Lightshot is a free Screenshot tool that allows you to take a screenshot and get a link to share it. Lightshot is also the preferred screenshot tool of DZ forums and DZ Discord!
    Excellent Contribution. I hereby Place your file as one of our Featured Files!
  14. Status updates should expand now in the sidebar and any media will be shown too. 

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