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  1. Oh crap an Actual DJ and OG *Hides*
  2. I miss kicking you.
  3. Granted but it's PhpBB I wish I had a boyfriend
  4. What's it like being a staff member in the new Era?
  5. The Nostalgia!!
  6. It's so good to be back after 4 years!! For those who remember me or not I'm Laura AKA Kinzie Kensington. I was the #2 Person on this site for many years and was supposed to be the Successor of [email protected] Ayano[/uSER] with [email protected] Moving Shadow[/uSER] until *coughs* Micah Happened. I never saw this place again nor thought it could be revived. Can't wait to see if people I knew come back. Would be nice to know what we have all been up to since October 2015.
  7. MFW My time zone is GMT +7 on this account and I can't fix it without breaking my member title and I'm already in bed and using ATG on the phone
  8. Got tired of fucking up the Ratio so I'll use my Godly powers when I must :kappa: First person to comment here gets my $100.00
    1. cardgame1
    2. DJ Sammy

      DJ Sammy

      Sold to the Rich Wobbuffet
  9. Trump is an idiot. And an immigrant #Pilgrim The less we hear of him the better. My thoughts on the Visit is that this is needed to remind humanity to come together. I really really like our Current Pope. He's humble, Down-to-earth and quite liberal. I'm an Atheist and I admire this man very much.
  10. Thanks for pointing this out.
  11. Cam speaks Wisdom.. *looks at Highlander Tournament* Oh, Dear God....
  12. I'm looking to Design more awards than the one's I've added. If anything we can always ask Ultimate lol his designs are great too.
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