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  1. agreed blogs suck and we could consolidate into one entertianm,ent section
  2. ever get double teamed?
  3. in order of use Gaming PC, gaming laptop, PS4, Wii, SNES classic, Genesis, 360
  4. rei

    Q & A Topic ama

    it follows the game pretty well including its very funny moments it occasionally has VERY bad animation., The game is better, but i mean i love the game so the anime was a good accompanyment
  5. rei

    Q & A Topic ama

    I'm an IT consultant focused in SQL Server database administration
  6. rei

    Q & A Topic ama

    I make lots of money and have a big dick
  7. rei

    Q & A Topic ama

    Anitech had more stupid and silly drama which was both awful and really entertaining to watch?
  8. rei

    Q & A Topic ama

    Theres no 18+ section for amas any more so ask literal anything
  9. nice, Nissan makes a good v6; never was a fan of the altima's steering feel tho
  10. rei


    i couldn't get into femboys or traps, which i figured i would be able to - i like seeing a girl take a bunch of dicks, why not a girl take a bunch of dicks from girls
  11. rei


    leggings, yoga pants, thigh highs coupled with short skirts or short shorts, thin legs, small-to-medium boobs, small but defined asses, i like bieng the daddy but i find ddlg goes too young feeling for me, rope play
  12. https://deviantzone.com/profile/459-crash-override/ locked myself out / password reset didnt work and also really didnt like the name any more.
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