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Everything posted by Maud'Dib

  1. and in a COMPLETE 360 i just made out with a brazillian girl
  2. update on self destructive behaviours - she's actively hooking up with someone I would most easily describe as an enemy
    1. Kaizen


      I'm about to sound like this video talkin to you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXTQeSGJjGM

    2. Rita Lizumi

      Rita Lizumi

      That's gotta suck

  3. i moved to ottawa seven months ago partly cos of me being unable to get over the girl who likes to get felt up to anime but doesnt wanna go any further goin back to my old haunt tonight to play dnd and she wants me to crash on her 'really comfortable' couch and stay up late watching big mouth ask me more about my self-destructive behaviours
    1. Kaizen


      I wouldn't give her the time of day

    2. Maud'Dib


      update: shes fucking my enemy

  4. anime smut peddler extrodinaire. 
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