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  1. Good to be back!
  2. Ch. 03 of the Incest christmas Story is finally out. Be sure to check it. [URL="https://deviantzone.com/DZ2/blogs/entry/6-incest-and-christmas-ch-03/"]https://deviantzone.com/blogs/entry/6-incest-and-christmas-ch-03/[/URL]
  3. Welcome to black and red rank
  4. Hows it going?
    1. Altyma


      All good. Loved your yuri doujin btw

    2. zmente


      thanks glad you enjoy it. you should check out that new yuri file aydan upload, you'll be busy for hours

  5. I wanna post an incest story in blogs but what concerns me is that it's Christmas Themed and it's too early for that. 
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