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  1. Hello Everyone, My name is Valery. I think everyone here by now knows me. From both AniTech and DZ alike. I dare say I am the oldest person on the entire community, being 31 years old. I've had the pleasure to work with @Alex Ayano and @Kaizen as well as @Mikoto Misaka. And I have to say, I've always enjoyed myself here. My Responsibilities since day 1 have been Administrative, Specifically Back-End Administration of the site. I've decided to make this random topic, to share my thoughts on a few things. I didn't sleep last night thinking about all this. Pretty much a rant I need to do and this is not targeted at anyone specifically. More so, my lack of satisfaction about certain things. AniTech had it's own share of flaws back in the day, but I have to say DZ doesn't really have any flaws like AniTech did. We have some of the best Staff members and VIP Members. But DZ does have an enemy. I dare call it an enemy, an enemy we rely on.... every. single. day. That enemy is Discord.com I still remember 4 years ago, in AniTech, @Erika Wynter used to post reports at the end of the month in our Admin Area. and on the March or April 2015 report, she spoke of a new site that had just surfaced called DiscordApp. A site, with better means of communication than Skype on which we relied back then. And interestingly enough, Discord was recently released and AniTech at the time, had more members than Discord. The Years pass and Discord becomes the Giant Corporation it is today. DiscordApp has caused Hundreds if not Thousands of Forum communities to either Close or fully build their community around Discord. and I personally think it is despicable how a mere chat application is destroying Forum Communities that for years..for YEARS were building themselves and still are trying today. Forum Communities survived MySpace...we survived Facebook, and even Twitter. But discord comes out of nowhere in 2015 and begins causing Small time to Big Time Forums to close down or build their community based on Discord. DZ Included. Because we rely on people from Discord to join the site. Because no matter how much we invest in Alexa Rankings, into SEO, and Advertising, it's never good enough. Then Discord resorts to Personal Attacks. Disabling the first accounts of @Mikoto Misaka and @Kaizen because they banned users HERE on the site under OUR T.O.S. and people chose to report them to Discord and get them disabled on grounds that they violated Discord's TOS when events happened here....on a PRIVATE SITE. DiscordApp, has seen the potential DZ has. It's features, it's culture, and ability to have more than just a mere chat. And since Discord is for gaming...and we're a Hentai Niche, that just makes them want to mess with us indirectly more. their immaturity makes them seem so pathetic as well. Such as their ad's (if you've seen any stupid Ad from Discord you'll know they act stupid and annoying, and I don't know what they gain with that) Discord however is not the only one to blame here. We need to blame those that give power to Discord.... US. The Users. We use Discord to communicate with everyone, hang out in a server, and prefer to chat than to post and engage in meaningful discussions. the Fact that people use their phones everyday is another hit to Forums because most outside of InvisionPowerBoards are not suited for mobile. I had 2 projects in mind for this site: A Video Streaming Service. and to open up a feature called Clubs. Which allows people to create their own communities within DZ. We even had our own chat here on the site and had to deactivate it because no one would use it. Because people stick only to the Garbage that is DiscordApp. I know people are probably gonna say that I'm too old for this or that I'm old Fashioned. I would expect that in a Server full of Virgins and kids, but no, we are all over the age of 18 here as per our age requirement. So many people here 18-31 have enough maturity to understand what I'm trying to say here.
  2. In order to fully unlock the Discord Server you must be a registered user on the site and Connect your Discord Account. This guide will help you complete the required steps. This is Mandatory if you wish to have full access to the Discord Server. If you are not interested in the server and only the site. You can ignore this guide. STEP 1: Create an Account or Register with Facebook/Twitter. The choice is yours. STEP 2: After you register on the site and fill in all the required information, go to your account settings. You can find your account settings here: STEP 3: Select the Option called Discord Account and Link your profile: After you link your Discord account you can click the Join Server Button that will appear. you will be added to the server and all roles you have here on the site will become your roles on the Discord Server. If you are already on the server, the same thing will happen. The Integration works Site to Discord. Whatever happens in the site then happens on your Discord account. If you unlink your account, you will auto-leave the server. SO DO NOT UNLINK. If anyone needs help please post a topic in this section. UPDATE: If by any chance your are not linked correctly, unlink your account and do it again. You will leave the server when you unlink but when you link your account again you will Automatically Re join the server and get all the roles that you're supposed to.
  3. Is DZ Better than AniTech was or was AniTech Better?
  4. Why do you sound so familiar? Gave you the OG Role even though your account is new. Welcome back.
  5. Interesting choice, I like it.

  6. Uploading Content is quite easy. This applies for all Forum Sections especially NSFW Sections. (THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO THE GALLERY SECTION ONLY THE FORUMS SECTION) to upload you must have the direct link to your image ending in .gif .jpg or .png If you are uploading content from your PC directly, I recommend using https://imgur.com you can upload any image regardless of content to that site. They will give you a link to your image and you add .png or .jpg or .gif if it's a gif image. The button to add pics is right here: then upload your media in Imgur or select your link ending in .gif .png and .jpg add it here and click insert: And your image will automatically embed. PLEASE BE AWARE: if you are uploading many pics at once, please add spoiler tags to maintain the topic neat. The code is: [spoiler*] your content here [*/spoiler] WITHOUT THE ASTERIKS I HAVE ADDED
  7. I work from home and I'm only required to report to my job once a week.
  8. Figured ATG should spend its last moments as it's First Skin. Brave. Also, The Xmas Skin is available to be seen but it was not finished. You can use it however
    1. Mimir


      I'm going to spend the last moments being festive with the Christmas skin. In October.
  9. @DJ Sammy is intimidating as fuck....dat profile song doe
    1. DJ Sammy

      DJ Sammy

      Imagine if I was your boss
    2. Kino Snyder

      Kino Snyder

      Oh got that would be so terrifying.
  10. none they'd both just splash unless they know tackle or flail. @[email protected] Lauritz[/uSER] Vs. @
  11. Keep your donations coming in. $20.00 out of $60.00
  12. Topic moved from General Talk to Spam Zone
  13. [URL="http://www.anitechgaming.com/index.php?/topic/1856-new-developer-wanted/"]http://www.anitechgaming.com/index.php?/topic/1856-new-developer-wanted/[/URL] HABEMUS Developer.
    1. Jared


      NOOOO it's mathafucking Latin *dies*
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