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  1. For Honor, Age of Empires III and AC Origins
  2. Hello everyone! It appears you have a new member just hopped in! Here's my introduction: Name: Hafizan Country Malaysia Age: 19 I just joined the community on August 7th. So yeah. Once again, I love gaming! I usually plays on PS4 and PC. Here's the game I play: PC: 1. For Honor (plus DLC) 2. Age of Empires III: Complete Edition 3. Minecraft (of course xD) 4. Farcry 4 5. AC Creed II 6. AC Creed III 7. AC Creed IV: Blackflag (plus DLC) 8. AC Creed Unity 9. AC Creed Origins 10. AC Creed Oddysey PS4: 1. Mafia III 2. Just Cause 3 3. Farcry 5 4. Horizon Zero Dawn 5. Watch Dogs 2 6. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare When I: Online: Idle, Lurking, Chatting Offline: Internet died/cutted, on vacation, Holiday (Plus my infomation. I really quite easy to get raged by insulting, trolling and annoying)
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