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  1. That is quite the pfp 0.0 .
    1. Tyrick Magnumer Varges

      Tyrick Magnumer Varges

      why if you want i remove it

    2. zmente


      Oh no its fine really.

  2. Hows it going?
    1. Altyma


      All good. Loved your yuri doujin btw

    2. zmente


      thanks glad you enjoy it. you should check out that new yuri file aydan upload, you'll be busy for hours

  3. New song is cool I guess
  4. Just extremely curious, whats everyone's plan for christmas this year?
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kaizen


      Finish Remodeling my house and invite the family over

    3. Pedrinho


      Catch a flight to France, visit my family that lives there and spend it with them

    4. zmente


      That sounds nice Pedrinho

  5. Just curious, what instrument can you play?
    1. Maud'Dib


      bass, ukulele, alto sax, and ocarina well Most woodwinds are a lot like alto sax so I can grab a clarinet or another saxophone without much problems; flute was a lot harder for me. Slowly learning guitar but my fucked up wrists make it harder - same reason i dont usually play ukulele any more. 

    2. zmente


      Cool, which instrument is your favorite to play?

    3. Maud'Dib


      bass because i still have one. prob alto sax if i had one but no one needs a band with a saxophonist and theyre not that cheap

  6. welcome
    1. Pedrinho
    2. zmente


      Yeah... feel free to browse around.

  7. Glad to hear you manage to recover from your illness
  8. hello
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. zmente


      How are you doing?

    3. IceCat4


      good I guess. been making warcraft 3 maps and stuff

    4. zmente
  9. Interesting choice, I like it.
  10. Thanks for the like [ATTACH]14.IPB[/ATTACH]
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. zmente


      Just curious which pic is your favorite?

    3. zmente


      Good choice

  11. Thank you for liking the album I made [ATTACH]8.IPB[/ATTACH]
    1. Seiya Kaiser

      Seiya Kaiser

      Anytime! 10/10 Quality

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