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  1. It's been a long while. Glad to see this became a success. @Alex Ayanowould be proud 

    1. zmente


      welcome back?

  2. I miss IPB 3.4.x
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    2. Seiko Nayumi

      Seiko Nayumi

      I am now after 2018, but 2013 to 2015 was @Alex Ayano 
    3. Mr Prince

      Mr Prince

      Nice How do I enable Profile Music on here?
    4. Seiko Nayumi

      Seiko Nayumi

      when you have VIP Black usergroup. you can then upload profile songs. 
  3. Being a System Administrator rule #1: Never fear anyone, not even the Owner [URL="http://prntscr.com/6waf21"]http://prntscr.com/6waf21[/URL]
  4. Brave Skin was reset due to site change. Theres 2 choices I can add new backgrounds (since the skin was reverted the old ones were re added) or you can all have fun in this [URL="http://www.anitechforums.com/index.php?/topic/499-brave-skin-background-contest/"]http://www.anitechforums.com/index.php?/topic/499-brave-skin-background-contest/[/URL]
    1. Natalia Igvalt

      Natalia Igvalt

      We also need a logo to replace everything that has the Otaku Gateway forums logo. With a New logo. I suck at GFX and Dafont.com is overwhelming. too many choices
  5. We are now www.AniTechForums.com Bookmark pls. All users have been logged out.
  6. New Features have been added: Staff Online Side Panel, A bot that messages you when you have been promoted. and for the staff members: You can now see inside a topic which members/staff have read and seen that topic. You can also see how many users are using which skins A big thanks to Ren Sonehara who added these features under my guidance.
  7. A Forum News Header was added by me. However it only works on the BRAVE skin. So that skin is the default one now. If you do not like the Brave skin you can still switch skins to any you like.
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    2. Julianne Stingray

      Julianne Stingray

      Also, it occurs on phone browsers that don't use Chrome too.
    3. Erika


      the forum is not meant to be viewed in mobile so yes issues will happen
    4. Julianne Stingray

      Julianne Stingray

      Why isn't it? That's bad management.
  8. 500+ Topics that were archived by the bots are now unarchived. Man I'm good. lol
    1. Phanatos


      inb4 it happens all over again
  9. One of our bots began archiving the forum but I stopped it until then people may not see their posts. We know about it and Customer Service is working on it.
  10. Forum Transfer has begun. Due to it, New Users are not allowed to Register. Only the Existing users may sign in, and the forum Domain name will be changed. Feel free to post suggestions for a name in the Forum Domain Name Change thread.
    1. Phanatos


      I just wanna wish everyone luck
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