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Donation Rewards Info



DeviantZone.com is dependent of the support it's users give  the community. Which is why we have created a Donation Rewards Program where you earn more perks for your account in a VIP Rank

The following list explains the list of perks for VIP Members


VIP Member Perks

NO ADS (By becoming a VIP Member, you no longer have to worry about Ads on the Site!)

  • VIP Member Usergroup
  • VIP User Role on Discord
  • Access to the VIP Zone
  • Hide your own Content
  • Unlimited Gallery Albums
  • Unlimited Gallery Uploads
  • Unlimited Downloads per day
  • Access to view who downloads your files
  • Access to Hidden Galleries on the Site (Loli Section)
  • Access to Hidden Files on the Site (Loli Files Scction)
  • Access to all Hidden Channels on Discord (NSFW Channels and Nudes Channels)
  • Profile Music: Add your Favorite MP3's to your profile which will play the current song you upload.


There are no refunds for donations. We use all donations to pay the monthly host of our VPS to keep the site online. 



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